In recognition of the over 980 million individuals, 

diagnosed with mental health disorders, we invite you to show your support for mental wellness
by making  a  one  time  donation or a monthly donation.

When you donate $25 or more, you will receive a tee shirt and a wristband. More importantly, you are joining the mental wellness movement,
helping to ensure that mental wellness challenges do not prevent anyone from living a holistic, healthy, and productive life. Thank you for your support.

The available shirt sizes are XXXX-Large, XXX-Large, XX-Large, X-Large, Large, Medium, and Small.
 Prices are $25 for sizes S to XXL and $27 for sizes XXXL and XXXXL.

Each tee shirt purchase includes one free wristband.
All orders have a flat shipping fee of $6. Shipping days are Tuesday and Friday.

NFL Legend and Dallas Cowboys Assistant Coach Greg Ellis