Our  Mission  &  Vision

The  Mission  We  Pursue

At Getting My Help, we are storytellers on a mission. Our purpose is simple: to change the world’s perception of mental wellness. Through the power of creativity, we aim to touch hearts, dissolve barriers, and redefine our shared understanding of this vital issue. Our canvas is the screen, and our medium is film. We craft commercials, documentaries, and productions that go beyond entertainment – they inspire empathy, spark dialogue, and unite diverse voices

  The  Vision  We  See

A world where mental wellness is a universal priority, embraced with empathy, understanding, and open-hearted support. We envision a society where the stories we tell through creativity and compassion serve as a powerful force for change. In this world we envision, no one feels alone in their mental wellness journey, and together, we build a more inclusive, caring, and resilient global community.

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